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Blended learning training

MVU’s blended learning program is a combination of resources, products and services offered to schools to aid them in providing personalized learning options to their students to support improved student achievement.

Teaching in the Blended and Online Classroom 
Six-week course

Target Audience: Administrators and teachers preparing for teaching in blended or online.

Description: In this facilitated professional development course, participants will take a comprehensive look at both teaching and learning online and in a blended format. They will gain a big picture view of the past, present and future of K-12 online education. They will also study a variety of blended learning models. Whether teaching online or in a blended classroom, participants will learn the skills they need to effectively facilitate a course, communicate with students, and manage their professional time and space. Participants will also interact with their peers; practicing peer review and sharing experiences.  This course focuses on the teaching skills needed to be successful in a blended or online classroom.

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Designing and Developing in the Blended Classroom  
Six-week course

Target Audience: Teachers with foundational knowledge to develop their own blended materials.

Prerequisites: Teaching and Learning in the Blended Classroom or the REMC Blended Learning in the Classroom course

Description: In this facilitated professional development course participants will be studying instructional design strategies and the digital tools for creation of content in a blended course. Each unit will contain two strands: instructional design and digital tools for content creation. Participants will both create a blended unit of instruction as well as explore and make use of digital tools to support instruction in this unit. Peer feedback will be an important part of this course and participants will both review others' work and revise their own work based on feedback. Finally, participants will learn how and why to create content for learning object repositories as well as access additional design help at the Teachers Workbench. This course focuses on content creation skills.

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Intro to Online Teaching and Learning

Target Audience: Intermediate content level for teachers with no online experience but interested in learning to teach online and have some comfort with technology.

Description: In this facilitated professional development course, participants will begin the planning process of designing an online course; learn how to adapt what is done in the face-to-face classroom into the online environment; evaluate technology tools for effective content creation; and study the skills needed to effectively teach (or facilitate) the online course. This course focuses on how to teach and create online courses.

Take this course if:
  • You are new to online teaching and learning and want to understand the planning process for structuring an online course
  • You wish to develop online teaching skills
  • You wish to evaluate and locate technology tools and open educational resources for effective content creation

SCECH Credits: 16

Cost: Free

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